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What is the ideal light for make-up?

A 50 % of a good make-up is granted by a good light . When it comes to professional makeup, and when it comes to make-up at home, both.

But what is the right light for makeup? On the web some guys recommend the white light, others warm light, some others neon light and there is who prefers the light of traditional bulbs .... in short, everything and its opposite ...

The problem, here, is that who writes about this theme often choose to show, as the best solution available, a solution that is simply his/her habit.

In this last months, working with Cantoni, a leading manufacturer of professional workstations for makeup, I learned a lot about the light in makeup and I would like to share this information with you. Information that I finally find objective, scientific and practical.

Not only I'm going to tell you what are the characteristics that the perfect lighting for make-up must have, in fact, but I will tell you why.  Let's start!

specchio-trucco-da-tavolo-ottima-luce-small La luce perfetta per il trucco

The ideal light for make-up: features

The ideal light for creating and evaluating a makeup, all the make- up artist will tell you, is one that one that does not alter colours.

So: the light it must be intense, lighting well all the areas of the face, with no shadows on the neck and in the peripheral areas,  but, at the same time, not to dazzle and not be too " hard" with small facial imperfections.

luce-gialla No to the yellow lights of the bulbs: they are dated and are very bad for makeup

Going into details:

  1. Light points appropriately placed: lights must be on both sides of the face, but equally spaced and not too far apart.  The lights, if in the right position, avoid shadows on face and neck, shadows that are responsible for ruinous makeup works.  NO to lights illuminating from one side only or just above or below.
  2. Uniform light from all the light points. So, NO to the mirrors with bulbs, that need to be changed in time and, obviously, will cast each one a different light on the face.  NO to neon lights that, being elongated, cast more light in the centre of the tube than to the sides.
  3. Correctly mixed light:  nor completely cold (100%white) nor hot (yellow-red shades). This means avoiding the neon lights, too white and cold, which accentuate excessively the flaws and lead to overload the colours and especially the foundations.  It also means avoiding bulbs, both conventional and LED, which provide a bright yellow/orange and a bunch of shadows on the sides of the face, with disastrous consequences on the nuances of our makeup when we go outdoors or we undergo the cameras.
  4. Not dazzling lights.  After a few minutes, fixing our eyes on lights, we usually begin to see black shadows and tighten the eyes. Doing, the makeup will be difficult and will results inaccurate when the eyes will resume their normal expression.
  5. A light that does not create heat even if turned on for hours. This feature is important for both a safety issue ( you may get burnt seriously ) and a matter for care makeup (the heat melts colours and creams on the face and opens the pores of the skin ) .
  6. Adjustable light intensity. Yes, this very useful: not always the light in the environment is the same, indeed, it is almost never.

Where to look for this light?

Luce trucco Here it's the effect the light must have on the face in order to obtain a good make.up.

Needless to say, Cantoni brand has studied in detail the perfect light for makeup, developing the exclusive I- Light system (working side by side with the most famous makeup artists worldwide ). In the picture, you can see clearly what I mean.

We are speaking about professional products and they are not Amazon's -Ebay stuff, as we can say. However, if we are looking for a Cantoni lighted mirror, it has not a prohibitive price: if we can afford an I-Phone, we can definitely afford even a Cantoni mirror. Or maybe ask for it as a gift for an important occasion.

As an alternative we can decide to:

  1. do without it and rig up, as we always do (but at least we know what it is the right light and stop to do our makeup standing in front of a neon tube lighted mirror thinking it's the best solution of all)
  2. wait for a sunny morning and do our make-up outdoor :-)

Here you can find some vanity mirrors to put on your wish list:

Vanity wood mirror with I-Light System LTV Cantoni Vanity wood mirror featuring the I-Light System. LTV model full mirror.
VAnity I-light mirror MDT makeup vanity mirror in shiny acrylic black or silver. 12 light points perfectly mixed for make-up.



multitasking and portable luminous vanity mirror MW01.TSK model by Cantoni Multitasking portable makeup mirror with lights: it's a table and a wall mirror both. With protection cover to move it around.
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