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Is your beauty center offering a quality make up service equal to other salon treatments?

If you are unsure of the answer, perhaps you are underestimating this aspect and, at the same time, you are losing the opportunity to retain even occasional customers.

Many beauty salons tend to overlook the professional of the make-up because they prefer to invest in something else, but in fact  the make-up should be treated exactly like all the other services dedicated to aesthetics. Although there are hundreds of freelance make-up artists, there are many customers who would prefer to go to their trusted center to do, in addition to manicures, hair removal and massages, even makeup.

For special events, for example, it can be profitable to offer complete packages to ensure that customers do not have to move from one place to another to take advantage of everything they need to be impeccable, but have everything in their place of heart: your beauty salon.

There are 3 aspects to consider to offer a perfect make-up service:

The choice of the  professional makeup artist

If for all other aesthetic treatments a figure who works full-time in the center is needed, for make-up it is not necessary, as for obvious reasons, the service is by appointment In this case, relying on a qualified professional (or even more than one) is an essential element to maintain the degree of excellence of this activity

The cosmetics to be used

As for the professionalism of the make-up artist there are the references of the cosmetic Brand to which we decide to rely. The brand must be attractive to customers, as well as performing, and must encourage them to make an appointment, a make-up test or even to encourage the testing of products which, among other things, should also be available for resale

Set-up of the make-up corner in the aesthetic center

The make-up corner in the beauty salon is important because it has to grant to  customer and operator with a comfortable position for both, but it can also be useful to make a retouch before leaving the center.

The presence of a high makeup chair is indispensable,  allowing those who are sitting to avoid stiff neck at the end of the session, and for the make-up artist to prevent back pain at the end of the day. Even more important is the mirror and its lighting: a wrong light, like the classic light bulb, could affect the final look or, both for makeup and hair

Mirrors and all professional equipment can be purchased in installments: leave your email to receive a 15% discount on your next purchase!

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